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How Does Heroin Addiction Happen?

Heroin addiction does not just develop overnight. In fact, it usually takes some time for an individual to begin experiencing the many negative side effects of heroin addiction. Ranging from outward behaviors to physical distress, an individual can easily find him or herself quickly spiraling out of control the longer heroin abuse occurs. He or she may start noticing that the relationships he or she has with loved ones become more strained, his or her life revolves around heroin, and the features of his or her personality prior to using are nowhere to be found. Heroin addiction is not something anyone chooses, nor does anyone intentionally seek out heroin to purposefully develop an addiction. Instead, the majority of heroin addicts feel trapped in their addiction. They do not want to continue to use but cannot help it, and when they try to stop, they cannot do it on their own, because withdrawal symptoms develop and they are notoriously hard to manage.

If you or someone you know struggle with Heroin addiction, contact our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart today and learn how we can help you begin your treatment of the disease of addiction.

What is Heroin Withdrawal?

It might seem simple – if someone wants to stop using heroin, then he or she should just stop using it. However, stopping heroin use after an addiction has developed can be extremely challenging. The symptoms that develop can range from slightly uncomfortable to excruciating, and they can continue for a week (and sometimes for months or years depending on the individual). And, when the symptoms become too much to bear, many of those who are addicted to heroin begin using again to alleviate their symptoms. As this cycle continues, the lives of those addicted to heroin are at risk, as going back and forth from abusing heroin and then stopping can lead to an untimely and tragic overdose.

To better understand exactly what an individual addicted to heroin experiences when withdrawing from this substance, consider the following symptoms:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Sweating
  • Chills
  • Tremors
  • Abdominal pain
  • Depression
  • Strong cravings
  • Muscle spasms
  • Irritability

These symptoms tend to develop between 6-12 hours after the individual’s last use. He or she then experiences the peak of his or her symptoms around the 1-3 day mark, followed by those symptoms subsiding after one full week. As previously mentioned, some individuals who were addicted to heroin can experience post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). PAWS involves experiencing symptoms (such as tremors, sweating, and cravings) related to drug withdrawal for a few months after detoxing. Psychological symptoms tend to last much longer and can include insomnia, anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure), anxiety, depression, and mood disturbances.

Attempting to go through this independently and without the help of professionals can be exceptionally grueling. Many individuals that are addicted to heroin are often unsuccessful in going this route. However, those who seek treatment at our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart often find great success in pushing past withdrawal symptoms and completing detox.

What You Can Expect At Our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart

Our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart offers those addicted to this opioid substance the opportunity to detox within a safe, secure, and supportive environment. Each individual is different in his or her needs at this time, which is why there are medical and psychiatric professionals on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart ensures that all clients are made as comfortable as possible.

There is a lot that goes into helping individuals addicted to heroin to safely detox, and do so in a manner where they are continually encouraged to keep striving to real their goal of sobriety. Some of the ways in which our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart works to help individuals follow along this path include the following options.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

There are several different medications available to help those addicted to opioids like heroin experience less severe withdrawal symptoms while detoxing. Depending on the individual’s needs, he or she may be prescribed one of the following:

  • Methadone – Methadone is a manmade prescription drug that mimics the effects that opioids have on the brain without actually causing any damage. It is extremely helpful in curbing cravings and lessening withdrawal symptoms.
  • Suboxone – Suboxone contains naloxone and buprenorphine, both of which are also capable of minimizing painful withdrawal symptoms and subduing cravings. Naloxone is also effective are preventing overdose.
  • Subutex – Subutex is the brand name for buprenorphine, which operates in the same manner as methadone and Suboxone does. However, Subutex does not contain naloxone, making it a substance that is used in highly controlled settings, as it can be addictive.
  • Vivitrol – Vivitrol is an injectable medication that lasts for 30 days. During that time, Vivitrol stops cravings and decreases the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

Many individuals who are recovering from heroin addiction utilize these medications as a means of effectively weaning off of the drug all while managing withdrawal symptoms to the best of their ability.


Heroin detox is not deadly, like alcohol and benzodiazepine detox can be, however that does not make it easy to get through. Our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart is as effective as it is because clients receive around-the-clock care from professionals involved in all areas of addiction and recovery. Therefore, if an individual is experiencing significant psychological distress, he or she can work with a psychiatric professional to manage the associated symptoms. Or, should an individual develop a specific physical need or emergency, trained medical professionals are ready, willing, and able to provide treatment.


The majority of one’s therapy will be conducted after detox is complete, however, our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart utilizes therapeutic professionals during detox in an effort to help those who need psychiatric care during this time. This allows clients to receive some hands-on care that will encourage them to continually move in the direction of recovery rather than backward.  

In addition, our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart can help individuals strive for sobriety and finally make the commitment to follow through with a successful recovery. Detoxing in a professional setting can not only make this process much easier but also allow individuals to begin taking their first steps in their treatment.

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Sometimes, when individuals are in the thick of their active addiction, they cannot see that they truly need professional help. Instead, it is easier to just keeping moving forward on the path of using. This can only last so long, which is why considering our Heroin Detox Center In Stuart can help all kinds of individuals addicted to heroin to finally overcome their compulsive desire to use.

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