Adventure Therapy

Adventure is something that brings you excitement and fun. Sometimes, it can be dangerous. However, there are many ways to have an adventure safely. Here at Harmony Recovery and Wellness in Stuart, FL, we offer our clients adventure therapy services.

Adventure therapy is a type of mental health service that uses natural environments to help people cope with and overcome social, cognitive, affective and behavioral disorders. This includes addictions, as well. If you have one or more of these disorders or addictions, contact our team today to get started in a treatment program that includes adventure therapy.

Adventure Therapy Activities

Different treatment plans will include different types of services. If your treatment plan includes adventure therapy, there are a range of activities that you may participate in. Some of these activities include the following:

  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Ziplining
  • And other adventurous activities

Some of these activities might seem overwhelming, but exciting. The important thing is that adventure therapy activities could help you to feel more relaxed. When you are connecting with nature, you can learn to breathe deeply, overcome obstacles and gain many other benefits.

Therapeutic Benefits of Adventure Therapy

If you attend adventure therapy sessions here at Harmony Recovery and Wellness, some therapeutic benefits you might get include:

  • Better self-esteem
  • Developing social skills and enjoyment in healthy hobbies
  • Increasing your ability to better cooperate with people in your life and new people you meet
  • Getting the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness techniques such as mindfulness meditation
  • Developing healthier problem-solving skills
  • Improving your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health

As you can tell from this list, there are so many ways that adventure therapy can help you throughout your recovery. It can help you when you are first beginning the recovery process. It can help you years down the road, as well.

Who Might Benefit Most from Adventure Therapy

How do you know if adventure therapy sessions are the right fit for your recovery and treatment plan? Some people who might benefit the most from adventure therapy are those who:

  • Often like risks in life (these are healthy risks)
  • Like to be outdoors or need to get outside more often
  • Enjoy doing social activities, but need some ideas now that they are sober and in recovery

Do you fit into these categories? If you aren’t sure whether adventure therapy is right for you, talk to our team about it today.

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Do you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Are you wondering what type of treatment program or addiction recovery services would be best for you? If so, our team wants to help you figure this out and start a treatment program that works the best in your situation. We can use a variety of treatments in your addiction recovery program including adventure therapy. If you have more questions or want to talk about the treatments we offer, let us know.


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