12 Step Facilitation Therapy

12 step facilitation therapy is a kind of behavioral therapy that encourages long-term sobriety. It does this by facilitating and encouraging active engagement in 12 step programs during recovery from addiction. The basis is on 12 step fellowships and operates with the assumption of addiction being a progressive and chronic disease. There are psychological, spiritual and biological aspects of addiction. All these are worked on with the help of those 12 steps.

If you have a drug, alcohol or sex addiction, our Harmony Treatment and Wellness team in Stuart, FL can help you. We have addiction recovery programs that include 12 step facilitation therapy services.

Statistics Regarding 12 Step Program Success

Many studies have been done on the success that people have when attending 12 step programs and receiving services such as 12 step facilitation therapy. Some of the statistics that might interest you include:

  • People who partake in 12 step programs such as NA or AA are 6 times more likely to enjoy their sobriety for at least 1 year after they receive treatment over those who don’t attend these programs
  • Those who attend 12 step programs are 5 times more likely to continue their sobriety without relapsing than those who don’t attend these programs

Involvement in support groups, such as 12 step groups, is a critical aspect of aftercare planning. Here at Harmony Treatment and Wellness, we want to see you succeed which is just one reason why we offer 12 step facilitation therapy.

Benefits of 12 Step Facilitation Therapy Services

Having an addiction might be one of the most difficult things you ever have to deal with in your life. However, if you reach out for support and get treatment, that can make it much easier for you to overcome the addictive lifestyle you are currently living.


Being involved with 12 step facilitation therapy is only the beginning of recovery for you. With the help of this type of therapy, you can reap so many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Forging healthier relationships and making amends to those you have hurt
  • Improving your chances for long-term sobriety and recovery
  • Modifying your behaviors and attitudes
  • Helping you live a more positive and healthy lifestyle
  • Reducing your risk of relapsing
  • Accepting that you have a disease and professional treatment is the best option for managing it
  • Accepting that you can’t control your use of alcohol or drugs, so abstinence is the best option
  • Helping you to surrender to your higher power, so you can overcome the most difficult parts of your recovery and life
  • Helps you to actively be involved in the recovery process

These are only some benefits of attending 12 step facilitation therapy sessions. Want to know more about these benefits? Reach out to our team to discuss them today.

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