Group Therapy

If you struggle with mental health issues or addiction, one treatment that could positively impact your life is group therapy. Sometimes, people only attend individual therapy. The individual therapy sessions can be beneficial. However, when you attend group therapy, you get to share your story with others. You get to listen to what other people have gone through and help one another to heal and recover. It is quite different from trying to recover on your own.

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Group Therapy Objectives

If you plan to attend group therapy here at our treatment and wellness center, we want you to better understand what the objectives will be. Some of the objectives during the group therapy sessions will include:

  • Learning how to pursue a life of happiness and serenity
  • Encouraging one another to live their best life
  • Encouraging you and the others in the group to have healthy social interactions
  • Exploring topics related to recovery and treatments
  • Working on changing your behaviors and habits
  • Using the 12 steps to move forward in your recovery
  • Talking about ways to create a solid recovery foundation
  • Getting the support you need to work through personal issues
  • Holding one another accountable during the recovery process
  • Congratulating each other when reaching recovery goals
  • Discussing common recovery challenges
  • Making connections that can last even out of the treatment program
  • Feeling more connected to and understood by others

These are some of the primary objectives of our group therapy sessions. Now that you know about these, you can decide if group therapy would be a good stepping stone in your recovery. Our team believes that it is helpful for most people in recovery.

If you want to know more about these objectives or you have other questions about group therapy here at Harmony Stuart, let us know today.

Other Benefits of Group Therapy

You read about the main objectives of group therapy. Those objectives are also benefits to one’s recovery. However, there are some other group therapy benefits that we would like you to know about, as well. These benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Receiving motivation from other people’s stories in recovery
  • Getting the opportunity to learn from one another
  • Getting feedback on the processes you are using in your recovery
  • Connecting with each based on similar histories
  • Using tips from other people in the group
  • Empowering each other to do your best in recovery
  • Sharing tips to prevent a relapse
  • Learning how to create healthy relationships
  • Being a judgment-free zone helps each person to realize they can accomplish their recovery and life goals

Do you realize how much group therapy can benefit you now that you have read this list? If so, or even if you would like to learn about other benefits of this treatment option, reach out to our team. We can discuss these benefits with you. If you are ready to sign up for group therapy, we can get you started, as well.

Group Therapy Expectations at Harmony Stuart

Whenever you attend a mental health disorder or addiction treatment program, there should be things that you can expect. Here at Harmony Stuart, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best treatments out there. Some expectations you can have from our treatment programs and our treatment center include:

  • Safe and clean environment for your recovery
  • Always getting the support and care you need during your sessions
  • Being able to openly discuss anything you need or want to
  • Having a professional therapist work with you and the group to overcome recovery-related issues and other life obstacles
  • Sitting with others in recovery who won’t judge you
  • Feeling free to voice opinions and thoughts about recovery
  • Participating actively in each group session
  • Learning new habits and tools for your recovery
  • Learning how to work through the 12 steps and other principles in recovery

These expectations are for everyone attending a treatment program here at Harmony Stuart. We believe that each person deserves a safe place where they can express themselves and share their goals. We know that it can be tough to open up at first during group therapy. However, in time, hopefully, you will see that the other people in the group have similar stories. They understand what you went through and you can all be there for one another.

Start Using Group Therapy as a Tool for Your Recovery

Now you know more about group therapy. Our Harmony Stuart team believes that this is a treatment that can help many people to overcome mental health illnesses and addictions. Don’t forget, if you have any questions about this treatment, we want you to let us know.

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