Trauma Recovery

Here at Harmony Treatment and Wellness in Stuart, FL we have trained therapists. Together, they will work with you on experiential techniques. This type of therapy is designed to help you process trauma and begin to move past it. During your sessions, you will bring up negative beliefs, feelings, physical sensations and images that are related to past traumatic events. The therapist will also help you develop healthy coping mechanisms.. The goal is to help de-condition the trauma you went through and your responses to it.

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How Does Trauma Therapy Help

Even though you may not currently be going through the traumatic experience, the memories, feelings and thoughts from the past trauma can still be very real. trauma therapy helps to de-condition or less the symptoms from the trauma experience. Some ways the trauma therapy helps include:

  • Targeting underlying memories, feelings and beliefs to relate them to current symptoms
  • Replacing the current negative effects you are having with positive ones
  • Reducing flashbacks
  • Reducing the sense of fear or feelings of being on edge
  • Lowering your anxiety levels
  • Becoming more aware of your triggers and stress responses
  • Learning to re-evaluate your beliefs
  • Finding new ways to self-soothe (many have used alcohol or drugs to soothe themselves, but this can change now that you are learning new techniques)
  • Having less intrusive thoughts
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Allowing you to participate more in your life

When you are in trauma recovery, there are multiple treatment methods that can help you to recover from past traumatic experiences. One of those options is trauma therapy. Many people have benefited greatly from this therapy. As you can see here, the benefits you receive may be significant and can help you to now create the life you desire.

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Are you struggling to overcome an addiction or trying to figure out the best way to manage or deal with a mental health disorder? If so, we would like to speak with you today. We want to help you find treatments that will fit your goals and help you better live your life to its fullest. Trauma therapy may be what you need. We can work with you during the Trauma treatments whether you are in the addiction or mental health disorder treatment program.

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