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Addiction is an extremely complex disease to understand. Even people who are addicted to substances like heroin, prescription medications, or alcohol often do not fully understand exactly why their lives have unfolded in the manner that they did.

At Harmony Treatment & Wellness, among our primary goals is to educate each of our clients as well as provide information and resources to their loved ones. By doing this, we are not only increasing awareness of the disease that is addiction, but we are also giving those affected the education they need to cope with this disease and move on after it has devasted their lives.

What’s Our Focus?

Many of our clients are battling addictions to several psychoactive substances, such as heroin, cocaine, meth, benzodiazepines, and alcohol. Because of the austerity of these types of addictions, we have adopted an open-door policy, where we compel the friends and family of clients to engage in family therapy sessions and educational workshops.

Family therapy can be an invaluable resource for all involved, as it is conducted in a private forum where people can learn new and effective methods of intercommunication and behaviors. Our educational workshops, which are mostly geared toward clients, offer in-depth information about drug and alcohol addiction and recovery.

During their stay, clients are connected to several different resources both in-house and also outside of our campus. For example, we introduce 12-Step program meetings to our clients at our facility as well as in the local community.

While clients are in recovery, they and their loved ones will be provided with these and other addiction resources. When clients leave our center, we continue to provide resources to them in the form of aftercare planning services. Through aftercare, former clients can continue to participate in activities at Harmony Treatment & Wellness, even after they transition back to society and are once again living on their own.

It is our objective to see clients and their loved ones through this process and remain an enduring resource for all involved moving forward. This is why we focus on providing resources both during and after one’s treatment program.

Addiction Resources

People from all walks of life visit Harmony Treatment & Wellness seeking help. But the majority of people who we treat in rehab are addicted to one or more of the most popular substances of abuse, such as the following…

Opioids and Painkillers

Due to the availability and widespread abuse of illicit substances such as oxycodone, the United States is faced with an opioid crisis. Those who are addicted to opioids often suffer from a multitude of symptoms, including sweating, lightheadedness, a lack of coordination, sleep problems, and constipation. To learn more about addictions to prescription opioids and painkillers, click here.


When an addiction to heroin develops, the user will exhibit some behaviors that are risky, impulsive, and out-of-character. These may include participation in dangerous behaviors, such as using unclean needles or sharing them with others. Among the greatest concerns for those who use heroin is the transmission of hepatitis B, C, and HIV. You can find out more about heroin addiction here.


Alcohol use is legal and widely accepted in today’s culture, and yet millions of people struggle with an alcohol use disorder. Consuming alcohol excessive or making poor decisions while under the influence (e.g., drinking and driving), puts drinkers at a heightened risk for health problems and injuries to oneself and others.

Many of those with an alcohol addiction require professional treatment. Find out more about alcoholism here.


Benzodiazepines can be beneficial for those who use it as prescribed for conditions such as anxiety disorders and insomnia. However, some people misuse these medications for their relaxing effects. Continual misuse of benzodiazepines can be dangerous and can cause negative consequences such as those listed here.


Meth is a synthetic stimulant drug that has the potential to completely devastate a person’s physical and psychological well-being. Meth is extremely addictive, and users often find themselves engaging in binging behaviors for days on end in order to sustain the high and avoid the terrible comedown and withdrawal symptoms that meth use leaves in its wake.

Chronic abuse of this substance can result in vital organ damage, mental impairments, and other risks, such as those listed here.


Cocaine is a short-acting stimulant drug known for its euphoric and energizing effects. Although different, both cocaine and its rock-like form crack are highly addictive and can result in a life-threatening overdose even when used just once. Treating cocaine or crack addiction can be challenging, however, it is entirely possible. You can learn more about this type of addiction by clicking here.

Finding Help

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Harmony Treatment & Wellness can provide you with top-of-the-line programming that treats addiction and also encourages mental, physical, and spiritual growth to ensure that long-term recovery is possible.

Please do not allow one more day to pass if you or a loved one is addicted to a dangerous substance! We understanding that reaching out for treatment can be difficult and overwhelming, but by doing so, you or your loved one is making a decision that will potentially save a life.

Call us now – at Harmony Treatment & Wellness Center, we can help you or a loved one end addictive behaviors and tendencies and introduce a happy, healthy lifestyle.


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