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Our center employs an experienced team of professionals who work together to help our clients create a better future. Our entire staff is carefully selected and rigorously trained to provide an environment of care, support, and well-being for each of our clients.

Matthew Beckwith

President of Harmony Stuart

Matthew started his career out in the hospitality and guest services field in 2006 before moving to Florida in 2008 he has worked as a certified interventionist and has held multiple Director and VP titles for some of the most prestigious treatment organizations in substance abuse and mental health field. Matthew has been with the Harmony Family Since 2017 where he took on Multiple Director and VP positions prior to becoming the President of Harmony Recovery Groups Stuart locations at the end of 2021. Matthew is overseeing all components of Recovery by the Sea and Harmony Treatment & Wellness of Stuart.

Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that we look for in all our staff members as we set the bar high, he helps us raise it and continues to help set us apart from other treatment centers. He takes joy in helping not only the guest at our facilities but their entire family making sure everyone gets the help and guidance they need in what may be the most difficult times of their lives.

Dr. David Kramer, MD

Medical Director

Coming Soon

Fredi-Ruth Levitt, LCSW

Corporate Executive Director

Fredi-Ruth Levitt has worked in the human service field for 30 plus years and has been an Executive for most of her adult life. She went to Clark University for her undergraduate degree, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Criminology. She then attended Sacramento State University for her graduate degree where she received her master’s in social work. Fredi received her clinical license in both CT and FL and is also a qualified supervisor for people who need to obtain clinical hours towards licensure.

Fredi has held various jobs throughout her career. She started her career in working with emotionally challenged adolescents and their families. She held positions such as a supervisor of a crisis unit in a school for emotionally challenged adolescents, helped develop, create and supervise a locked unit for emotionally disturbed females, clinical supervisor for a foster care agency and a residential and clinical director of emotionally disturbed adolescents’ units. She then moved into working with adults. She was an Executive Director of an adult outpatient drug and alcohol program. Before coming to HRG, she spent 8 years as an Executive Director of a 160 plus bed substance abuse facility for adults, 32 bed luxurious executive substance abuse facility and a 40-bed mental health facility. She helped start the telemed IOP program for that agency and led the family program for 2 ½ years.

Fredi believes in a client centered holistic approach to treatment which treats the physical, emotional and spiritual component of each client. Fredi is a passionate and dedicated leader who strives to lead her team to practice the most current and evidenced base treatment to address each client’s individual needs.

Fredi has a unique ability to recognize strengths and attributes in others and then cultivate, train, encourage and support them to reach their highest potentials. Team building is also one of Fredi’s accomplishments that she has excelled in with a proven track record of positive results.

Fredi is a compassionate individual, respectful of privacy and personal struggle yet straightforward. Fredi is like “a rock in the midst of chaos”. She has an innate ability and patience to calm a situation and even be humorous in diffusing even the most difficult situations. Fredi gently guides patients to realize themselves that they can overcome and stay the course.

Fredi excels in interventions. She has learned that she is deeply passionate about helping others, building people up and navigating them to a healthier place for their lives.

In Fredi’s personal life, she enjoys time with her family and dogs. She loves spending weekends by her pool, traveling and relaxing at the beach.

Craig Devine

Director of Operations

Craig has been with HTW since 2017. He is in recovery and has over 4 years sober. Craig has lived through the disease of addiction and has come out of the other side a changed and grateful person, He brings his compassion and wide field experience to ensure clients are well-looked after and ensures that his BHT staff has adequate and proper training.

Leigh Hollander, CAC

Certified Addiction Counselor / Group Facilitator

Leigh is uniquely positioned to help clients recover from the grip of substance abuse because he is a recovering addict himself. He has been in the substance abuse industry for 8 years. Leigh provides clients with a holistic, spiritual approach to a real, life-affirming recovery through the rediscovery of hope, love and inner peace.

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