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If you are planning to attend a treatment program to overcome addiction or to manage a mental health illness, there are various services that can help. One service we offer here at Harmony Stuart is education workshops. We believe in the power of learning. When you learn more about the disease or condition you have, you can find better ways to overcome the issue.

Do you want to know more about the education workshops that we have here in our treatment and wellness center? If so, keep reading here. You can feel free to reach out to us to find out more about these workshops, as well.

Education Workshop Topics

If you enroll in a treatment program here at Harmony Stuart, you start receiving any one of our services. One service that we recommend is education workshops. The workshops we offer can help to answer questions you may have about your mental health disorder or addiction. These workshops can also help you find the resources needed to live a recovering lifestyle.

If you are going to take part in these workshops, you likely want to know what topics will be discussed. Some of the many topics we go over in our workshops include:

  • How substance abuse and mental health disorders take control over a person’s life
  • How to recognize the triggers related to your addiction or mental health disorder
  • Developing positive, healthy coping skills for your recovering lifestyle
  • Talking about family history of addiction and mental health issues
  • Learning how to use what you learn in a treatment program to benefit your recovery
  • Recognizing your addictive behaviors, so you can change them

These are some of the many different things that are often discussed in our education workshops. Whether you are attending an addiction treatment program or a mental health recovery program, discussing these topics can benefit you.

What Other Benefits Can You Receive from Family Counseling?

If you attend family counseling at our Harmony Stuart treatment and wellness center, you will receive many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Having a safe place to talk to your family about what you experienced and felt during your addictive lifestyle or with your mental health illness
  • Allowing your family members time to tell you how your mental illness or addiction affected their lives
  • Working with the therapist, you can create family goals to achieve during the treatment sessions
  • Having a place where you can all support one another in achieving recovery (yes, even your family need to recover from your addiction, as it affected them, too)
  • Learning how to identify and put a name to feelings such as fear, anger, resentment, stress, and confusion

Here at Harmony Stuart, the family counseling sessions we offer can benefit our clients and their family members in so many ways.

Top Education Workshop Benefits

Do you want to learn more about your addiction or mental health disorder? If so, we believe our education workshops can help with what you need to or want to know. Some of the top benefits of our education workshops include:

  • Learning how to prevent a relapse
  • Being able to recognize how substance abuse or mental health issues negatively affected your life
  • Learning to rebuild and improve the relationships you have with your family and friends
  • Having a healthy and safe environment where you can share your thoughts about the topics discussed
  • Being able to learn why you have certain triggers, behaviors or thoughts
  • Addressing and treating your addiction and mental health issues
  • Learning about the benefits of various addiction or mental health disorder treatments

You can get many benefits just by attending these workshops. If you are interested in adding these benefits to your recovery, don’t hesitate to let us know. We would be happy to get you started in our education workshops.

Top Issues We Discuss in Our Treatment Workshops

If you plan to attend our education workshops, you should also be prepared for the various issues we will talk about. We want everyone to know there are some common issues that people with addictions and mental health disorders face. While everyone may not experience all these things, learning about them can help you and others to live the best life in recovery.

Some of the top issues we discuss during our treatment education workshops include:

  • Betrayal and other relationship issues
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Irrational beliefs and thoughts
  • Codependency
  • Grief and loss
  • Accidents
  • Communicable diseases
  • How addiction and mental health connect
  • Recovery obstacles

Do you find yourself dealing with any issue that was just mentioned? If so, our team wants you to know we are here for you. Our education workshops and treatment programs will hopefully help you to work through these issues.

Things to Expect at Harmony Stuart

Are you enrolling or thinking about enrolling in a Harmony Stuart treatment program? If so, especially to take part in our education workshops, we want you to know what you can expect. Some of these expectations include:

  • Receiving high-quality, effective addiction and mental health disorder treatments
  • Being encouraged and motivated to participate in your recovery
  • Receiving support and guidance by our highly trained and experienced staff members
  • Getting an individualized treatment plan for your recovery
  • Being in a safe environment that allows you to fully express your feelings and thoughts
  • Receiving services that help you work through personal issues, obstacles in recovery, and learn about other recovery-related topics
  • Getting the chance to your your family take part in certain recovery workshops or in family therapy sessions

These are some of the top things you can expect when going to a treatment program here at Harmony Stuart. Now that you know about these expectations, you can give us a call to get started in your recovery.

Start Using Education Workshops to Move Ahead in Your Recovery

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