Individual Therapy

Here at Harmony Stuart, we believe that everyone can overcome a mental health disorder or addiction. We know that the recovery process doesn’t come easy. However, with help and support you can get the life you dream of.

One treatment that we highly recommend is individual therapy. When you work with a therapist, one-on-one, you can focus on yourself and your recovery. You can work through issues you have and identify triggers, as well. By working through all these things and working toward your recovery goals, you can meet your recovery goals.

Do you want to know more about how individual therapy works here at Harmony Stuart? If so, keep reading here today.

A Key to the Recovery Process

Our Harmony Stuart team truly believes that individual therapy is a key to the recovery process. There are many people who attempt to overcome a mental health illness or addiction by themselves without any professional support. Unfortunately, most of the cases in which someone does this, they end up relapsing.


The good news is that you don’t have to try to recover from these conditions on your own. You can start attending individual therapy sessions. Working with one of our therapists can significantly boost your chances of meeting the goals you have for your recovery.

Studies and research show individual therapy is essential to the recovery process for so many reasons. Some of the reasons why it is key to this process include:

  • Allows you to go through your personal issues and uncover things you have been hiding or holding in
  • Allows you to address the mental and emotional aspects of addiction or the mental health disorder
  • Brings up things you haven’t talked about in a long time, so you can let them go
  • Teaches you coping skills that you can use for the rest of your life
  • Lowers your risk of relapsing
  • Allows you to learn why structure is so important to your recovery
  • Holds you accountable to your sobriety and recovery

As you can see, one of the keys to recovery is right in front of you. Reach out to our team today and we can get you started in individual therapy.

Creating a Solid Recovery Foundation

It can be tough to find the right footing for your recovery. However, when you work with a therapist here at Harmony Stuart, they can help you to create a solid foundation to your recovering lifestyle. Some ways that individual therapy can help you to build this foundation include:

  • Teaching you how to heal your relationships with family and friends
  • Learning how to properly make amends and take your personal inventory
  • Practicing your new life skills and implementing new habits into your recovering lifestyle
  • Addressing the cause of the mental health disorder or addiction
  • Finding ways to prevent or manage triggers
  • Accepting that the disease you have doesn’t just go away, you have to work on it

You can start creating a healthy and solid foundation to your recovering lifestyle today. Reach out to us and start your individual therapy sessions to begin this process.

Individual Therapy Expectations and Harmony Stuart

Our Harmony Stuart team wants you to know that you are safe in our treatment programs. You will be able to express how you are feeling, what recovery needs you have and so much more during your therapy sessions. Some other expectations you can have with individual therapy at our treatment and wellness center include:

  • Receiving one-on-one attention during all your sessions
  • Being able to focus on your goals for recovery
  • Working closely with you to process any issues you may have in your recovery or in other aspects of your life
  • Therapists attention will be on your case and how you are feeling during each session
  • Given homework assignments or tasks to work on between your therapy sessions

These are some expectations you can have with all individual therapy sessions here at Harmony Stuart.

Use Individual Therapy to Create a Great Recovering Lifestyle

Your recovery from a mental health disorder or addiction is important to our team. We believe that you can do great things with your life. It all starts with creating a solid foundation to your recovering lifestyle and moving forward from there. Individual therapy sessions can help you to get started in the recovery process. If you want to know more about how our individual therapy sessions work or how they can be implemented into your treatment plan, let our team know. We will be happy to go through this information with you.

Contact us today, here at Harmony Stuart, if you want to get started with individual therapy sessions or if you want to know more about this treatment option.

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Don’t wait any longer to get help in overcoming your addiction or mental health disorder. Here, at Harmony Stuart, we have many treatments that can help you to pursue a life of recovery. One treatment we highly recommend is music therapy.

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