Music Therapy

For most people, music brings about happy thoughts. It can also help people to get out of their mind and slow down racing thoughts. It can help to bring a sense of peace and safety for some people, as well. If you are struggling with an addiction or a mental health illness, our Harmony Stuart team believes that music therapy might be able to help you overcome these health issues.

If you want to learn more about music therapy being used in our treatment programs, keep reading here today.

What is Music Therapy?

If you aren’t sure what music therapy really is, our team would be happy to discuss it with you. A basic definition of music therapy would be a holistic treatment that encourages people to improve their physical, emotional, cognitive and mental health.

When you attend music therapy sessions here at Harmony Stuart, you will meet with one of our therapists. They are trained in music therapy. They also have years of experience helping people to overcome addiction and mental health disorders.

If you enjoy a certain type of music, you can share your interests with the therapist here at our treatment and wellness center. The therapist may play some music that you aren’t sure about or that you have never heard before, as well. The purpose of this is to expand your horizons and to get you out of your comfort zone.

Addiction Treatment Programs and Music Therapy

Do you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs? Maybe, you have a different type of addiction. No matter what addiction you may have, our Harmony Stuart team is here to support you throughout your treatment program. You can come to us for guidance, help and other support that you may need in your recovery.

We believe that anyone with an addiction can turn their life around. When you allow music to help guide your mind, body and soul during recovery, you are essentially allowing peace, emotions and love to flow through your body. Anyone who creates music is using their creativity and sharing it with others. Just knowing this can brighten your day.

Research also shows that singing or listening to music releases dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a natural chemical that improves a person’s joy, contentment and happiness. It can help you to find peace in your recovery, too. If you were using certain kinds of drugs during your addictive lifestyle, the drug released the same chemical. Now that you aren’t using drugs, your body still needs those feel-good chemicals. Music is a great replacement for drugs.

Other Benefits of Music Therapy

If you are interested in music therapy for your treatment program here at Harmony Stuart, that is great. In the meantime, we want you to know about some of other benefits of music therapy, which include:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Lessening symptoms of depression
  • Encouraging positive thinking and happy thoughts
  • Helping you to relax
  • Encouraging you to have fun in recovery
  • Relieving boredom and restlessness
  • Allowing you to share common interests with others in recovery
  • Improving your self-confidence
  • Helping you to process and overcome trauma
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Reducing physical, mental, and emotional pain
  • Helping you to meditate
  • Improving general well-being

From this list of benefits, you can see just how much music therapy can help you during your recovery journey. The list doesn’t even include every benefit you can receive from this treatment. If you want to talk about the benefits mentioned here or about other music therapy benefits, let our team know. We are happy to talk to you about any service that we offer here at Harmony Stuart.

Use Music Therapy as a Boost for Your Recovery

There are different treatments you can receive from Harmony Stuart. One of the treatments is music therapy. As you read above, there are numerous benefits from this type of therapy. If you are working to overcome an addiction or mental health disorder, our team truly believes that music therapy can help you to do that.

When music therapy is combined with other treatments, you can receive even more benefits. If you are interested in starting your journey into recovery, you can speak to someone from our team about which treatments would work best for you. After going through the assessment, various treatments can be added to your treatment plan.

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Don’t wait any longer to get help in overcoming your addiction or mental health disorder. Here, at Harmony Stuart, we have many treatments that can help you to pursue a life of recovery. One treatment we highly recommend is music therapy.

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