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What Crack Addiction Looks Like

Being addicted to crack cocaine is extremely dangerous. Not only is one’s psychological well-being in jeopardy, but his or her physical health is also at risk. The main driver behind the use of this illicit substance is that when it is abused, it produces intense feelings of euphoria, grandiosity, detachment, focus, and energy. However, when that high wears off, individuals are often left feeling down and out and struggle with sadness, depression, and feelings of hopelessness.  

To avoid these painful emotions, those who are addicted to crack cocaine ensure that they can keep using on a continual basis. Since the high that crack cocaine produces is very short in length (lasting about 15 minutes), individuals use a lot throughout the day, increasing their risk of overdose and other dangerous effects.

For those addicted to crack cocaine, ending the abuse of this substance can be tremendously challenging. Not only can they feel depressed when they are not under the influence of crack cocaine, but their bodies can also begin to go through withdrawal, which can be very painful to manage independently. However, going through a program such as our Crack Cocaine Detox Center In Stuart can be a much more viable option for detoxing off of this illicit substance and beginning on the road to recovery.

What Occurs During Crack Cocaine Withdrawal?

When someone has been abusing crack cocaine and then decides to either limit his or her use or stop entirely, he or she can suffer from withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range in severity, as they will depend on how much crack cocaine an individual has been using, how much of it has been consumed, and how frequently it has been abused. Some common symptoms include the following:

  • Chills
  • Tremors
  • Exhaustion
  • Problems concentrating
  • Cravings
  • Body aches and pains

When withdrawing from crack cocaine, individuals can experience symptoms of depression and anxiety, which can make this process more challenging to get through. However, when participating in a program like those offered at our Crack Cocaine Detox Center In Stuart, one’s period of withdrawal can be much less disruptive in his or her life.

Additionally, since crack cocaine is as addictive as it is, trying to get through these withdrawal symptoms can be very hard, as cravings and the pain that the symptoms produce can cause an individual to go right back to using. The more that an individual goes back and forth between using and stopping, he or she continues to place himself or herself at risk for overdose.

Harmony Treatment And Wellness Center Crack Cocaine Detox Center In Stuart

As mentioned before, going through withdrawal independently can be extremely hard. However, withdrawing under the care of trained professionals can help individuals make it through.


At our Crack Cocaine Detox Center In Stuart, individuals will immediately be made as comfortable as possible. For example, some common withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and body aches, can be treated with over-the-counter medications that medical professionals will administer as needed. Those who are grappling with exhaustion during their period of withdrawal can rest in a bed where they have no way of getting up to go use in an effort to make this symptom disappear, as detox programs are drug-free. In addition, our Crack Cocaine Detox Center In Stuart will also offer nutritious food, as these individuals will likely experience an increase in appetite. And, having the help of medical professionals can ensure that individuals are taking the best care of themselves, as doing so independently while coping with confusion and slow thinking can be difficult.


Being in a crack cocaine detox center when going through withdrawal can also be significantly beneficial because one of the primary symptoms of crack cocaine withdrawal is depression. Along with symptoms of depression can come suicidal ideations, which are thoughts pertaining to committing suicide. When in the care of our Crack Cocaine Detox Center In Stuart, however, individuals are in the presence of mental health professionals who can not only help them manage the symptoms of these serious conditions but also help provide the appropriate psychiatric care and the correct medications to help treat these conditions effectively.

When crack cocaine detox has been completed, individuals can obtain recommendations on further treatment options to consider. They can even move into the next phase of addiction treatment seamlessly should the detox program they are attending also provides further treatment. Those who have detoxed from crack cocaine will benefit most if they continue with their care and partake in an inpatient or outpatient program where they can go through therapy designed to improve upon their active addiction.

Getting Started At Our Crack Cocaine Detox Center In Stuart

Even the very thought of having to detox from crack cocaine can be overwhelming for most who are addicted to this substance. However, professional detox like that offered at our Crack Cocaine Detox Center In Stuart is often essential in beginning the recovery process. Individuals simply cannot focus on the detail that goes into therapy if he or she is still under the influence of crack cocaine. However, clearing their bodies and minds prior through a detox program can allow them to do just that.

If you are looking to stop your crack cocaine addiction, look no further. Harmony Treatment And Wellness Center’s Crack Cocaine Detox Center In Stuart can help you have success during your withdrawal so that you can move into the next phases of care as you work towards recovery. Contact us right now if you are ready to say goodbye to active addiction and hello to recovery. We can help.

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