Telehealth: Addiction and Mental Health Conditions

Telehealth visit for addiction and mental health conditions therapy

Telehealth & Addiction Treatment: 

At Harmony Recovery Group, our practitioners have implemented telehealth services in all levels of care for addiction and mental health conditions. We offer this to patients who are unable to travel to our facility for treatment. We use telemedicine for individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions and psychiatric care management for mental health conditions and substance use disorder. 

In this time of Coronavirus, telehealth is especially helpful. This service means patients suffering from addiction and mental health conditions can still receive treatment. They are able to attend group sessions, and receive the support they need without the risk of contracting COVID-19. 

What is Telehealth? 

Telehealth is a healthcare service available through a virtual platform. Visits occur on a device such as a phone, tablet or computer.

Telehealth also referred to as Telemedicine or Teletherapy,  has reduced the barriers to receiving care. Often used for those who are unable to travel for treatment. Patients can receive quick, on-demand counseling for medical conditions that do not require an in-person assessment or in mental health support like therapy. 

Is Telehealth Right For Me? 

Telehealth offers quick, on demand support when you need it most. Telemedicine is for a patient that would benefit from care that does not require travel or time off. However, for some it can feel impersonal compared to an in-person mental health experience. It is always down to the individual.

At Harmony Treatment and Wellness and all other Harmony Recovery Group centers, we aim to support any and all patient needs. Telehealth is just another way we aim to provide the best possible recovery care. 

Privacy and Telehealth:

The concerns with privacy risks involve a lack of control over the collection, use, and sharing of data. According to Hall and McGraw, “The primary security risk is that of unauthorized access to data during collection, transmission, or storage.”  Which is why the software used to conduct telehealth visits is HIPPA compliant and has special end-to-end encryption.

“Currently, the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) contains the primary set of regulations that guide the privacy and security of health information. HIPAA requires that identifiable health information be encrypted so that only those authorized to read it can do so.”

Thinking about telehealth for yourself or a loved one facing addiction and mental health conditions? Give us a call with any questions.