Outdoor/Adventure Therapy

Types of Outdoor/Adventure Therapy

Outdoor/adventure therapy offers clients the opportunity to do something fun and interesting that contributes to their recovery. When given the change to engage in a form of treatment in addition to traditional therapy, many clients are extremely excited to participate in something a little different.

Harmony Treatment and Wellness Center aims to provide all clients with the opportunity to get outside of themselves and dive into activities we provide in an effort to learn and have fun.

Common outdoor/adventure therapies including the following:

Ropes Courses

Some centers either have ropes courses on-site or are able to access them locally. Ropes courses have been shown to provide several benefits for those in recovery. For instance, a person that is struggling with trust issues can do a teamwork exercise on a ropes course.

Other exercises, such as climbing a rope ladder, can require teamwork and foster socialization. Also, walking across a high rope can help clients confront self-confidence issues.

Equine Therapy

The presence of animals is considered to be highly beneficial in addiction treatment, as connecting with them can help clients open up emotionally. Equine therapy especially is an excellent way for clients to work through trust and self-esteem issues, as well as feelings of neglect, while simultaneously learning how to employ important life skills such as compassion and patience.


Many treatment centers offer camping outings for those who are in treatment. Camping has been shown to help remove an individual from the concerns of everyday living so that he or she can be more mindful of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

This process also helps improve communication and teamwork skills, can instill confidence in participants as they learn to build fires, set up tents, etc., and helps initiate deep, potentially therapeutic conversations.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is among the most common outdoor/adventure therapies as it and offers many benefits. Individuals get the opportunity to engage in healthy physical exercise as well as challenge themselves. During rock climbing exercises, the individual must continually use problem-solving skills as well as focus. This activity has also been proven effective at reducing stress.

Rock climbing can serve as a metaphor for overcoming something extremely challenging in life, not at all unlike addiction.

Other outdoor/adventure therapies may include biking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, fly fishing, and hiking.

Why Should You Participate In Outdoor/Adventure Therapy?

Harmony Treatment and Wellness Center’s outdoor/adventure therapy is a great way to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. It’s also a way to identify new enjoyable hobbies and interests as you begin to rebuild your life.

The best way to stop using drugs and alcohol for good is to seek professional help. We can help you develop the skills you need to stop your compulsive desire to use substances and shift your focus to healthier living and building a happier life.

Please do not allow one more day to pass without seeking help. We will show you that you have the power to overcome addiction and live in peace and harmony!

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